Integrated logistics solutions

We specialize in importation and exportation activities on a wide variety of products.

Welcome to AMSLI.

If you require an operation (process) or hundreds of them, we offer the right services to fulfill your necessities. We specialize in managing your goods and merchandise, we offer worldwide services.

We are importation and exportation specialists on a wide variety of products. No matter if it is Asia, America or Europe; SLI is the best option at the best price. Contact us!

Air Transportation

We have the necessary network to handle your merchandise, we synergize with our business partners to provide you with the best service.

Maritime Transportation

Our presence is at the following locations: Manzanillo (Colima) and Altamira (Tamaulipas) we manage your operations, relying on our human capability and excellent treat.

Overland Transportation

We offer our transportation service as a solution along with a comprehensive approach or as an additional service to your business. We own the capability to adjust to your specific needs.


¿What type of services we offer?

We offer a wide range of services related to international trade, among the main ones are:


Maneuvers, merchandise insurance and additional services, all involved in the dispatch process.


Air, Maritime and Overland transportation of local, national and international goods (merchandise).

Distribution Center

In- ground transportation options for all visitors, no matter your needs, schedule or destination.

Advice and Counseling

Importation and exportation administrative processing.

Customs office

Customs office for any kind of merchandise (goods).


Merchandise transportation and storage services.

At AMSLI we adapt to your merchandise’s specific needs.

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Custom´s dispatch

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SLI Benefits.


We own the necessary skills and equipment to download a great volume of goods, from railroads to cargo ships.



We own branches at the most important strategic locations in the country, with specialized agents in the variety of service channels.



We have the latest models of container ships, dry boxes, cages and hoppers.

Why us?

Multimodal Transportation (Multicargo)

We dispatch all types of merchandise, even those goods that most refuse to ship due to the complexity of the process.

High Qualified and Trained Staff

Proven experience and trained staff that will provide the best service for you.


Efficacy and efficiency in all our processes.

Innovation and technology

We embrace innovation and technology as we specialize in this area to facilitate processes and effective communication as well as constant improvement.

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Our commercial and administrative office is located in the city of Querétaro, Querétaro. We provide customized services to our clients according to their requisitions for merchandise dispatch, transportation, storage and additional necessary resources that are required to meet their goals, securing efficiency and high quality services.

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